What Our Tech Ethics Crisis Says About the State of Computer Science Education

The problem with "I'm just an engineer" isn't the engineer's inability to identify all relevant ethical implications–it's that they don't think...
Casey Fiesler
7 min read

Meet Your iPhone’s Grandparent

When people say there's more power in your pocket than was used to get to the moon, they're right-but it took...
Duncan Geere
8 min read

Airplanes, Zoos, and Infinite Chickens

An exploration of the power of play, from screen-based games like Pokémon Go or Minecraft, to the imaginative worlds of children...
Steven Johnson
11 min read

32 Dots Per Spaceship

A look back at the origins of Spacewar!, the first video game and one of the most influential pieces of software...
Steven Johnson
10 min read

6 Perpetual Motion Devices That Didn’t Work

Always fake, but not always hoaxes.
Ian Steadman
6 min read

Afrofuturism and Outsider Tech

Afrofuturists, like hackers, get their strength from working and innovating outside traditional institutions.
Florence Okoye
4 min read

Black Culture Applied to Technology

An interview with Ian Forrester about Afrofuturism.
Florence Okoye
7 min read

Time for an Afrodigitalist Manifesto?

An interview with Olu Niyi-Awosusi.
Florence Okoye
5 min read

Going Up

Meet Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, father of the space elevator.
Duncan Geere
3 min read

How We Got To: The Smart Fridge

From Francis Bacon to the Large Hadron Collider.
Darren Garrett
43 sec read