Climate Change

The Forgotten Woman Who Unlocked the Greenhouse Effect

In 1856, American scientist Eunice Foote detailed the mechanics of what we now call the greenhouse effect. Yet we know very...
Ian Steadman
4 min read

The Great Dying

How does a person live, during the great dying? Not exactly a framing that's going to make anyone feel more hopeful,...
Elizabeth Minkel
4 min read

The Media Can’t Sell Climate Change

Readers are asking news outlets why they aren't hitting harder on climate change. But who are they hoping to convince?
Elizabeth Minkel
4 min read

Guano, Guano, Gone

The story of guano is a story about what humans will do in the pursuit of keeping things just the way...
Ian Steadman
4 min read

How We (Don’t) Talk About Climate Change

It's hard to spur people to climate change action when nothing dramatic is happening - but it's equally hard to do...
Elizabeth Minkel
3 min read
A scene from the movie "Day After Tomorrow" with people fleeing a tidal wave that has entered Manhattan and is flooding the streets.

The Day After the Day After Tomorrow

Climate change is not a movie villain, and it's not something that's going to show up in a distant, hazy future...
Elizabeth Minkel
3 min read
A meteorological map, centered over Europe.

Why We Name The Weather

From Biblical floods to "The Beast From The East."
Duncan Geere
9 min read

The Opening of the Northwest Passage

As communities in the far north cope with the coming changes, one thing is for certain: The environment that they have...
Greg Noone
10 min read

Serious Games Finally Find Their Fun

Games often struggle to marry play with purpose–but a new wave of indie titles hits the sweet spot.
Duncan Jefferies
8 min read

How to Save the Olympics

In the end, what could save big sporting events is not a focus on sustainability, or even technology, but a change...
Simon Copland
5 min read