The Questionable Compromises of Privately-Owned Cities

The reason a privatized city is so much quicker and easier to build is not down to the inherent superiority of...
Samira Shackle
4 min read

Pests? Pets? How Language Changes Our Perception of Animals

Even if you don't have much interest in an overall decline in biodiversity, take heed: whether you like it or not,...
Paula Read
7 min read

The Tacky Cities Of Tomorrow

If imagined cities are an easy shorthand for the world of tomorrow, then the ways we talk about the cities that...
Ian Steadman
4 min read

Architects of the Future

While some ideas toyed with the building blocks, others reflected a desire to fundamentally reshape urban life–and to solve some of...
Darren Garrett
9 min read

The Depressing Science of What Living in a City Does to Your Brain

The hustle and bustle of living in cities has measurable impacts on mental health–but greenery may be an antidote.
Princess Ojiaku
5 min read

Lahore, the Policed City

Daily life in Pakistan's second-largest city is overrun with barbed wire, CCTV, and dolphin squads.
Sabrina Toppa
5 min read

It’s Time for Cities to Talk About Abandoning Meat

Can urban farms really help fight climate change and make room for animals at the same time?
Ajit Niranjan
7 min read

Why We’re Still Up in the Air About Green Roofs

Think that putting plants on top of buildings will solve our urban environmental problems? Think again.
Sarah O'Meara
4 min read

The Evolving Battle for Urban Public Space

Social spaces are the beating heart of our cities–and a constant source of conflict and tension.
James Gleave
4 min read

Could the Cities of the Future Take the Form of a Digital Swarm?

The built environment constantly reinvents itself–and "swarm cities" could be its next manifestation
Roy Christopher
5 min read