Photo Essay: Scenes From Puerto Rico’s Foodways

Puerto Rico has to be seen to be believed–and, to some extent, to be truly understood. Photographer Mariángel Catalina Gonzales has...
Alicia Kennedy
1 min read

The Future of Food, As Seen From Puerto Rico

In reporting on Puerto Rico after the intense destruction caused by 2017's Hurricane Maria, the U.S. press has repeatedly used the...
Alicia Kennedy
8 min read

Isla del Encanto

Puerto Ricans have always found opportunity in the limits placed upon them. Exploring the island's agricultural future–from community gardens to research...
Alicia Kennedy
51 sec read

Food Beyond Class

Let's stop looking at what we eat as individual choices, influenced by their popularity or class association, and instead focus on...
Alicia Kennedy
4 min read

Beats: Food

Food structures our day, and food systems shape our world
How We Get To Next
39 sec read

Solar-Powered Farming, Built in Kenya

Small-scale farmers in Kenya can turn to local innovators for help with climate change.
Justus Bahati Wanzala
4 min read