Food structures our day, and food systems shape our world.

The social, political, economic, and technological implications of food production and distribution affect everything from global climate to genetic code. What and how the world eats matters.

Food writer Alicia Kennedy asks: How should we produce and distribute food at the local and global level? Who gets to eat what–and why?

A burger with a flat in it that reads "$80 million burger."

The Future of the Veggie Burger

Silicon Valley’s meatless tech burgers are a false kind of moral and environmental revolution

Lavender in flower.

Food Beyond Class

It’s the system, stupid

Two cocktails.

Cocktail Culture Beyond Mass Consumption

Local spirits can render iconic recipes unrecognizable–but maybe that’s a good thing

Two women make tortillas by hand.

When Food Is Commercialized, It Removes People from Their Culture

Cooking with fresh food is a birthright, even if time and ingredients must be fought for

Two maps of the contiguous United States, one made of beef, the other of beans.

If What You Eat Can Change the World, Why Won’t Americans Give Up Beef?

Choosing beans over beef is the one of the most effective ways to lower carbon emissions

Food Beat logo featuring rows of crops

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