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For Puerto Rico, a Caribbean archipelago and colony of the United States, food has always been political. 85 percent of the produce, meat, and grains consumed are imported, and Hurricane Maria, in September 2017, destroyed many farms on the island. But Puerto Ricans have always found opportunity and creativity in the limits placed upon them. From community gardens to research hubs, from bakers to growers to distillers, this series explores how Puerto Ricans are seeking both sustainability and sovereignty.

You can read all four parts–with photographs by Mariángel Catalina Gonzales–in English or in Spanish. Spanish translation by Amanda Hernández, edited by Andrea Aliseda.

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Episode 1: Growing Food To Rebuild Puerto Rico

The island imports 85 percent of its food–and post-Maria, its farmers, chefs, and activists want to change that
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A goat.

Episode 2: How To Feed An Island

After colonialism, natural disaster, and exploitation, Puerto Ricans are defining sustainable agriculture for themselves
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Episode 3: The Future of Food, As Seen From Puerto Rico

From mushrooms to bread to rum, Puerto Ricans are exploring new pathways to food sovereignty
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A hammock suspended between two trees on a hillside.

Episode 4: Photo Essay: Scenes From Puerto Rico’s Foodways

Every step toward agricultural independence and sustainable industry is a push toward a self-realized future

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