Public Transit

Millennials Are Right to Kill the American Car

If previous generations were given this many choices–and were faced with a driverless-car future in the coming decades–would cars, that romantic...
Elizabeth Minkel
4 min read

Cable Cars Are Changing the World

Once seen as only good for industry or tourists, the cable car is now emerging as a crucial form of public...
Duncan Geere
18 min read

Trainstopping: Safe Transit in Natural Disasters

When earthquakes and tsunamis hit, transit has to be ready to cope.
Tiffany Kelly
8 min read

How to Make Public Transportation Safer for Women

There's no magic checklist for reducing gendered transit fear, but there are commonalities in the best solutions.
Christine Ro
7 min read

Activism on the Subway Platform

Activists across the world are leveraging the power of public transit as a place of common reference for the people who...
Steven Higashide
8 min read