Playing The Field

Is Gender Segregation in Sports Necessary?

Examining not just the science of gender segregation in sport, but the social cost as well.
Alice Sanders
7 min read

Why Everyone Is Suddenly Into E-Sports (and How You Can Be, Too)

Streaming video has allowed the scene to get so huge that mainstream acceptance is no longer a consideration, let alone a...
Duncan Geere
9 min read

The World’s Best Sports Technology Comes From the Military-Industrial Complex

Sports have had a long relationship with the military–but over the past decade or so at least one aspect of that...
Richard Moss
6 min read

Playing the Field: A Reading List

A crash course in how innovations in sports affect the wider world.
How We Get To Next
3 min read

All About the Skateboard in Addis Ababa

Innovative ways to get boards into the hands of Ethiopa's skate community.
Alexander Sehmer
2 min read