We Are All Astronauts

In posing Earth as spaceship rather than living matter, Buckminster Fuller misses the spontaneity of dynamism and creation itself. Decay is...
Lou Cornum
4 min read

NASA Turns to Games For A New Generation of Space Art

NASA spent the 20th century asking illustrators to imagine the future of space exploration. To inspire a new generation of engineers,...
Paul Dean
3 min read

Stargazing With Whale Sharks

I'm not a marine biologist, but I've been able to take part in conservation projects as a citizen scientist. And so...
Melissa Hobson
4 min read

The Improbable, Bold History of Space Concept Art

The collaboration between NASA and artists stretches right back to the start of the space program.
Darren Garrett
9 min read

Rising Nationalism Will Change The Politics Of Space

With the rise of nationalism around the world, is international cooperation in space doomed?
James O'Malley
5 min read

The First Woman to Row Solo Across the Pacific is Helping NASA to Map Climate Change

For this dedicated citizen scientist, crossing the Earth's largest ocean is a sideshow to collecting data.
Laura Cress
2 min read

How Spaceships Die

Every probe we send out into space will eventually finish its mission–so what happens next?
Duncan Geere
6 min read

Space Photography is Helping to Fight Light Pollution

The Cities at Night project uses photos taken from the ISS to study the problem.
Patricia Rey Mallén
2 min read