Mental Health

Our Inkblots, Ourselves

Diagnostic picture-based tests are alluringly disruptive: a low cost tool that requires no imaging equipment or blood work and that offers...
Lola Pellegrino
4 min read

Your Brain is Your Phone

Smartphones are changing how we think–because they're a part of how we think.
Kieran Yates
10 min read

Persisting in Dark Times: Lessons From a War Crimes Researcher

These days, though, you don't necessarily have to belong to the media or an intelligence agency to hunt for criminals and...
Muira McCammon
9 min read

Games as a Path to Self-Care

Neuroscientific research has found that playing games can offer players therapeutic value.
Andrea Ayres
5 min read

Go On a Trip and Cure Your Depression

Psychedelics show clinical promise as a lasting treatment for major mood disorders–now the struggle is getting through regulatory red tape
Corin Faife
11 min read

What Happens When There’s Only 88 Psychiatrists in an Entire Country?

In developing nations like Kenya, where mental health care is practically nonexistent, internet-based organizations save lives.
Greg Noone
6 min read

The Depressing Science of What Living in a City Does to Your Brain

The hustle and bustle of living in cities has measurable impacts on mental health–but greenery may be an antidote.
Princess Ojiaku
5 min read

Game of Breaths: A Mobile App to Treat Panic Attacks

The game makes breathing exercises part of the play.
Jenny Adamthwaite
2 min read
A close-up of a smartphone, showing social media apps like Twitter and Facebook

Why an App Monitoring Your Distress on Twitter Does More Harm Than Good

A suicide prevention charity demonstrates that intent is not magic
Jakob Whitfield
2 min read