Lola Pellegrino

4 Stories by Lola Pellegrino

Medication for Intentional Forgetting

Ethical controversy surrounds therapeutic forgetting. But the very factors that make memory extinction a laboratory possibility create formidable challenges in doing it anywhere else.
6 min read

Our Inkblots, Ourselves

Diagnostic picture-based tests are alluringly disruptive: a low cost tool that requires no imaging equipment or blood work and that offers immediate results.
4 min read

When a Doctor Prescribes You Whiskey

It's obvious that drugs and alcohol can be therapeutic–people use them to make themselves feel better–but less obvious is how they are sourced and...
4 min read

How the Worst Blood-Pressure Medication Became the Best Testosterone Blocker

Pharmaceutical companies typically apply for FDA approval of a medication for a specific indication. But though FDA approval means the drug can be used...
4 min read