NASA Turns to Games For A New Generation of Space Art

NASA spent the 20th century asking illustrators to imagine the future of space exploration. To inspire a new generation of engineers,...
Paul Dean
3 min read

In GIFS: How a Mars Colony Would Work

To suggest that space is a harsh environment is an understatement. It’s a place of extreme and unusual temperatures, unpleasant atmospheric...
Joe Iles
2 min read

How We’ll Choose the First Mars Colonists

The first Martians will face an intimidating task in establishing humankind's first outpost on another planet
Stephanie M. McPherson
4 min read

Red Planet: How We’ll Govern Mars

Technical and engineering obstacles are solvable when it comes to interplanetary colonization–the real challenge is governance.
Tom O'Bedlam
4 min read

Never go to space it’s terrible omg

Space does very, very, very bad things to the human body.
Leigh Alexander
6 min read

What We’ll Teach at the First School on Mars

What will the teachers and classrooms of space look like? What skills will they focus on?
Nathan Martin
6 min read

Demand Your Share of the Spoils From the Privatization of Space

The commercialization of space raises some uncomfortable questions about exactly where profits are going.
Lauren Razavi
4 min read

Robots Will Build Your House on the Moon

When it comes to building property on other worlds, robots are by far the best choice.
Gabriel Abraham Garrett
5 min read

The World’s First “‘Marschitect’ Is Laying the Groundwork for Architecture in Space

With private companies setting their sights on other worlds, space architecture is a growing industry.
Vas Panagiotopoulos
3 min read

Humans in Space: A Reading List

What to read if you want a crash course on human exploration of the heavens.
How We Get To Next
4 min read