Archiving the Infinite Stream

There is a sort of negligent impermanence to so much of what we put online. Quick hits, falling off the feed...
Elizabeth Minkel
2 min read

Please YouTubers, Don’t Make Us Pay To Interview You

Why should someone whose days are spent talking to a camera for money not talk to a journalist for money as...
Ian Steadman
2 min read

The Places Where There Are No Women: Fighting for Jobs in Pakistan

Overcoming such profound economic disparity means likewise facing systemic issues of religion, culture, and gender. For all those young women who...
Mariya Karimjee
7 min read

Chasing Virality Brought Us Fake News, Now Everything’s on Fire

By uncritically embedding itself into social networks, did the media actually usher in the era of fake news?
Reni Eddo-Lodge
9 min read

The Schedule and the Stream

Despite the utopian promises of early pioneers, public spaces do not organically emerge from new technologies.
Matt Locke
9 min read

Taming the Wild West of Journobots

We need an "algorithmic ombudsman" to safeguard our news.
Vas Panagiotopoulos
5 min read