Ian Steadman

21 Stories by Ian Steadman

The Human Machine

A series about the increasingly blurred lines between us and our machines.
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Introducing the Human Machine

Our new series exploring the increasingly blurred lines between humans and technology.
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Solar Trains Could Help Us Rethink Energy

Harnessing the sun could be the perfect way to convert existing train networks to clean power.
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Recovering the Fabrics Lost to History

Golden thread, blue dye, stolen muslin.
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A.I. is Defending the Earth From Asteroids

Imagine some scientists from NASA are meeting with the president of the United States. There’s a piece of space coming toward us; it is...
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Amateur Rocketeers Are Keeping the Space Age Spirit Alive

Around the world, a community of amateurs is designing, building, and launching their own rockets into space.
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A Brief Explainer of Why Everyone Seems to Hate Gluten, in GIFs

The facts and mysteries behind the health fad.
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Fusion: “We’re So Close We Can Taste It”

Atomic Energy Authority head Steve Cowley talks tokamaks, tritium, and the tantalizing prospect of enough power for a billion years.
0 15 min read

6 Perpetual Motion Devices That Didn’t Work

Always fake, but not always hoaxes.
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The Rise and Fall of Unusual Instruments

Why did some of the 20th century's most radically experimental instruments succeed–and others fail?
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