The ID Question

Who decides who you are? You, or the world around you?
Anjali Ramachandran

Breaking the Cycle

The future of reproductive health in India, from early ideas about population control to on-the-ground interventions happening now, to a world where men and women share contraceptive responsibility.
Hannah Harris Green

A Noxious Problem

Smog in cities and smoke in the home cause a huge range of short- and long-term health conditions. Why is the world’s biggest public health crisis only getting worse?
How We Get To Next

Beats: Space

Space is where we project our dreams–and our nightmares–of the future.

Beats: Food

Food structures our day, and food systems shape our world

Beats: Disability

“Disable” is an active verb, and disability describes the social and environmental barriers that prevent access just as much as an individual body’s physical reality.

Beats: Health

Access to health care is as much a matter of public policy as it is the size of a person’s pocketbook; within a doctor’s office, many factors affect the quality of treatment.

Taking the Internet of Things to the Farm

Cheap connected sensors make it easier than ever for farms to go smart.
Stephanie M. McPherson
1 min read

At Play on the Field of Ghosts

In the stands, legions of robot fans look on. Articulated limbs raise LED placards in unison at appropriate moments, their faceplates shining with the avatars of distant, telepresent humans. On the field, two hologrammatic teams are composed entirely of flickering light: In silence, they sweep from one end to the other, reenacting a game which has already been pre-calculated and pre-played.
James Bridle
11 min read

Gothenburg’s Heating Grid Transforms Garbage into Warmth

District heating systems can efficiently turn waste into useful warmth during cold weather.
Duncan Geere
2 min read