Watch: The Ideal Workweek, According to Science

Many of history's greatest minds worked less than four hours per day–and so should the rest of us.
How We Get To Next
33 sec read

In an Era of Changing Work, How Will Your Job Define Who You Are?

What will our working lives look like in the coming decades–and as work evolves, how will it affect our identities?
Anjali Ramachandran
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Reversing the Lies of the Sharing Economy

So, how exactly did we get to the point where business executives at conferences can talk about Uber as a "sharing...
Brett Scott
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The Places Where There Are No Women: Fighting for Jobs in Pakistan

Overcoming such profound economic disparity means likewise facing systemic issues of religion, culture, and gender. For all those young women who...
Mariya Karimjee
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The Ideal Workweek, According to Science

Not so, according to a towering body of evidence in support of workdays that are shorter and more thoughtfully designed in...
Simon Parkin
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Let Robots Handle Your Emotional Burnout at Work

But as robotics and computing evolve, some researchers foresee a future where technology can relieve the long-held emotional burden of some...
Meeri Kim
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My New Job in an Eco-Village on a Volcano

If we're looking for a future where we reinvent the way we work, integrate our activities into the natural world, and...
Gabriel Abraham Garrett
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Party in the Front

An exploration of the cultural shift that began with a leisure space of idle chatter and led to some of our...
Steven Johnson
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