Women In Tech

The Boundaries of Artificial Emotional Intelligence

If our virtual assistants and emotional laborers are all turning out to be soothing, female-voiced AI, will it close certain gaps...
Leigh Alexander
8 min read

Why We Shouldn’t Teach Girls to Code

Women shouldn't be fighting for existing work–they should be inventing, designing, prototyping, and coding a new ideal of what work can...
Susan Cox-Smith
10 min read

Time for an Afrodigitalist Manifesto?

An interview with Olu Niyi-Awosusi.
Florence Okoye
5 min read

5 Women We Can Thank for Amazing Bridges

Some of the world's most famous bridges were designed and engineered by women.
Hugh Garry
2 min read

Tackling the Gender Imbalance in African Tech

Squashing the old mentality and enhancing gender equality in the industry.
Ken Banks
2 min read