Vital Signs

Can We Learn to Live Without Death?

I have a friend, Adam, who’s convinced he’ll live forever. To the casual observer this might seem unlikely. Adam smokes and...
Duncan Jefferies
6 min read

Vital Signs: A Reading List

A crash source in the future of human health.
How We Get To Next
4 min read

$75 to Walk Again: Tackling Asia’s Prosthetics Crisis

Instead of getting inappropriate secondhand prosthetics from the West, this charity is making their own bespoke ones in Laos.
Lindsey Kennedy
2 min read

How Ants Will Lead Us to New Antibiotics

You ant seen nothing yet
Alexander Sehmer
2 min read

5 Artifacts, Animations, and Charts on the Story of Vaccination

Resistance to vaccination has existed ever since vaccination was first discovered.
Hugh Garry
1 min read

Tampon Club: No Apologies for Menstruation-Based Innovation

If your manager won't provide sanitary products, it's time to take matters into your own hands.
Georgina Voss
2 min read

Instagram and the Evolution of Surfing Prosthetics

Solving the problem of the surfing foot.
Leslie Baehr
2 min read

Returning Sight to Millions of People Around the World With One App

Around 180 million people around the world are blind or have vision impairments–making portable, cheap eye exams incredibly important.
Rachel Nuwer
2 min read
A man wears a prosthetic robotic glove, and with that he holds an electric drill.

Better Than Biology–Underwater Hands and More

For the first time, divers will be able to pick up delicate undersea creatures or retrieve fragile objects from sunken wrecks.
David Hambling
3 min read