Without an Address, You’re No One

Utilities, deliveries, welfare, and more all depend on having an address–so what can you do if your home doesn't have one?
Duncan Geere
5 min read

How Cities Can Be Reclaimed By Women Through Performance Art

Urban areas are not built for women, and artists have long been adept at pointing this out.
Angella d'Avignon
5 min read

Climate Change Will Bring Forest Fires into Europe’s Biggest Cities

Major European cities like Madrid could soon be facing a new existential threat.
Emily von Hoffmann
5 min read

The Depressing Science of What Living in a City Does to Your Brain

The hustle and bustle of living in cities has measurable impacts on mental health–but greenery may be an antidote.
Princess Ojiaku
5 min read

Lahore, the Policed City

Daily life in Pakistan's second-largest city is overrun with barbed wire, CCTV, and dolphin squads.
Sabrina Toppa
5 min read

It’s Time for Cities to Talk About Abandoning Meat

Can urban farms really help fight climate change and make room for animals at the same time?
Ajit Niranjan
7 min read

How Are Remote Workers Changing the World’s Cities?

Remote working is easier than ever before across the world–but it has impacts on cities as well as workers.
Duncan Geere
4 min read

Why We’re Still Up in the Air About Green Roofs

Think that putting plants on top of buildings will solve our urban environmental problems? Think again.
Sarah O'Meara
4 min read

The Evolving Battle for Urban Public Space

Social spaces are the beating heart of our cities–and a constant source of conflict and tension.
James Gleave
4 min read

Could the Cities of the Future Take the Form of a Digital Swarm?

The built environment constantly reinvents itself–and "swarm cities" could be its next manifestation
Roy Christopher
5 min read