Can Language Save Communities Under Threat From a Globalized World?

The map of the world has never remained static. Right now, there are secessionist movements from Scotland to Kurdistan, each with...
Anjali Ramachandran
8 min read

For the Fun of It

We explore ornamentation, the non-medical application of a device made with gold leaf, and how the MIT Media Lab stays creative.
Steven Johnson
9 min read

Sphere of Life

An investigation into one of humanity's oldest and most ubiquitous inventions: the ball.
Steven Johnson
8 min read

Party in the Front

An exploration of the cultural shift that began with a leisure space of idle chatter and led to some of our...
Steven Johnson
11 min read

In Pursuit of Condiments

A look at how playful spices remade the map of the world.
Steven Johnson
9 min read

From Space, Artists See the World Differently

Art and space are natural bedfellows.
Gillian Rhodes
3 min read

Putting Music on a Map

How about instead of a song playing out over time, it plays out over a space?
Duncan Geere
5 min read