A Black Female Engineer & Her Afrofuturist City

To change the world, build it differently.
Natalie-Claire Luwisha
5 min read

Afrofuturism 2.0 and the Black Speculative Art Movement

An excerpt is from "The Black Speculative Art Manifesto."
Reynaldo Anderson
7 min read

Space is the Place: A Crash Course in the Sounds of Afrofuturism

Where the social, political, and technological meet in music.
Florence Okoye
3 min read

Time for an Afrodigitalist Manifesto?

An interview with Olu Niyi-Awosusi.
Florence Okoye
5 min read

The Startup Tackling Women’s Health in Uganda

HerHealth Uganda wants to give rural women control over their own healthcare.
Florence Okoye
4 min read

An Afrofuturist Reading List

A crash course in the critical theory, art, literature, music, and more of the movement.
How We Get To Next
2 min read

There Are Black People in the Future

If we don't write ourselves into the future, we get written out of tomorrow as well.
Florence Okoye
5 min read