Dan Williams

10 Stories by Dan Williams

Links In a Network

Container ships and undersea cables are both forms of link in the global economic network.
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Fix What’s Broken

From inside the engineering control room, a container ship feels like a vast machine.
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The Ship’s Cockpit

Modern container ships are guided by a plethora of advanced autopilot systems.
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The Uncertain Logistical Life

Life on board a container ship often consists of rigidly-planned periods of calm.
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Our Friend, the Twistlock

The humble twistlock is all that stops stacks of containers falling from ships into the sea.
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Shore Leave

After sailing halfway around the world, I found myself in a retail park the same as in any European city.
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From Whisky to Wifi

Staying entertained on a long voyage can be tricky–the internet is patchy, and alcohol is banned.
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Last Voyage

A captain reflects on a lifetime spent at sea.
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Postcards From a Supply Chain

A series that traces consumer goods back through the global shipping system to their source.
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The Ship Is Your Best Lifeboat

When beginning a long voyage, the first thing you do is prepare to abandon ship.
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