Discussing how new technologies change how we see ourselves, and each other

Apps Are Helping Keep Indigenous Languages Alive Online

Can smaller, culturally specific languages stay relevant in a modern age? Technology, in the form of language apps, may offer some form of a solution.
Cal Flyn
4 min read

Moving Beyond the “Radio Voice”

Humans can learn to understand a huge variety of accents and dialects. So why do we usually hear the same sorts of voices?
Hannah Harris Green
2 min read

Losing the Lifeline Between Scent and Memory

Does losing your sense of smell mean losing a part of your identity?
Amelia Quint
4 min read

Why We Shouldn’t Teach Girls to Code

Women shouldn’t be fighting for existing work–they should be inventing, designing, prototyping, and coding a new ideal of what work can be.
Susan Cox-Smith
10 min read

Translating Identity Across the Language Barrier

Genderqueer vocabulary in English can be tricky enough–but talking across languages brings both freedoms and restrictions.
Hannah Harris Green
10 min read

Would You Like to Be Uploaded to a Computer When You Die?

Rattling around inside a hard drive doesn’t sound like an awful lot of fun–but then, neither does death.
Dan Sung
10 min read

Are You Being Misled by Your Quantified Self?

Are we letting the technology that records our lives shape what we see as important about them?
Jessica Harneyford
7 min read

When Does an Artificial Intelligence Become a Person?

On artificial intelligence, animal rights, and the frontiers of legal personhood.
Corin Faife
9 min read

YouTube Has Made Asian-Americans Impossible for Hollywood to Ignore

Asian-American representation has always been an issue–but it’s YouTube that’s finally fueling the momentum now.
Karen Hao
10 min read

The Face That Looks Back

On transplants, disfigurements, and identity.
Rich McEachran
8 min read

Identity: A Reading List

A crash course in how new technologies influence how we understand ourselves.
How We Get To Next
3 min read