How We Learn

New innovations and technologies are changing how we acquire knowledge–supported by Pearson

How To Decolonize Your Science Curriculum

From the ways in which science aided and abetted racism and colonialism to the structural reasons some communities are centered over others in histories of innovation, there are many ways we can expand and diversify who is allowed to lay claim to human ingenuity.
Aadita Chaudhury
9 min read

AI Is the New TA in the Classroom

Machine intelligence will have an increasingly prominent role in the classrooms of tomorrow.
Rose Luckin & Wayne Holmes
4 min read

The Game Worlds We Make

Why designing a simple board game with my son rivals anything he’s learning in school.
Steven Johnson
9 min read

The Young, Powerhouse Generation of Jordan Wants Educational Reform

70 percent of Jordanians are under 30–and the education system needs to catch up.
Mel Plant
7 min read

Your Classroom Is Making You Fail

Almost everyt traditional classroom design makes it harder to learn–yet the fixes are often simple.
Simon Parkin
7 min read

Charted: Who Doesn’t Go to College, and Why

Data on higher education enrollment around the world is patchy, but we can still learn important lessons
Graeme Atherton
5 min read

Busting the Neuromyths About How We Learn

This idea of different “learning styles” is widely believed–but there’s no evidence that it’s true.
Duncan Geere
7 min read

Young Inventors Need Role Models, Not Tax Breaks

A conversation with MIT’s John Van Reenen.
Matt Locke
6 min read

Brain Hacks for Supersonic Learning

“Neuroscience-based” methods promise to improve our cognitive abilities–but do they actually work?
Duncan Jefferies
9 min read

Without Technology Inside, How Can Prisoners Thrive When They Get Out?

The current promise of education in U.S. prisons.
Christine Ro
7 min read

How We Learn: A Reading List

A crash course on the future of education
How We Get To Next
5 min read

How To: Learn A New Skill Fast

Talents you can master in just an hour.
Duncan Geere
1 min read

Billions of Kids Will Use This $1-dollar Paper Microscope

Getting science into the hands of children across the world.
Charles Q. Choi
1 min read

Tackling the Gender Imbalance in African Tech

Squashing the old mentality and enhancing gender equality in the industry.
Ken Banks
2 min read