How To Decolonize Your Science Curriculum

From the ways in which science aided and abetted racism and colonialism to the structural reasons some communities are centered over...
Aadita Chaudhury
9 min read

Scientists Like Me Are Studying Your Tweets–Are You OK With That?

As researchers, we have a responsibility to acknowledge that factors like the type of data, the creator of that data, and...
Casey Fiesler
7 min read

What Our Tech Ethics Crisis Says About the State of Computer Science Education

The problem with "I'm just an engineer" isn't the engineer's inability to identify all relevant ethical implications–it's that they don't think...
Casey Fiesler
7 min read

Emotion Science Keeps Getting More Complicated. Can AI Keep Up?

What are emotions? This isn't just an academic exercise. It's central to the question of whether we'll ever build an artificial...
Richard Firth-Godbehere
10 min read
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Exploring the Future Beyond Cyberpunk’s Neon and Noir

"Cyberpunk" has been the go-to imagery of the future for 35 years old-it's time for new ways to think about what's...
Jay Owens
14 min read

Black Mirror, Light Mirror: Teaching Technology Ethics Through Speculation

Where can technology take us that will benefit society and make things better? How can we get to those futures?
Casey Fiesler
7 min read

Por qué deberíamos comer medusa para salvar los océanos

Alimentar al mundo y terminar con las invasiones de medusas es posible, si nos acostumbramos a su sabor.
Martin Etchegaray
11 min read

We Need More Than Technology to Eliminate Tuberculosis

The factors governing investments in strengthening countries' health care systems are incredibly complex, stretching across finance, infrastructure, education, and many other...
Paula Akugizibwe
10 min read

The Exploitative History of One of the World’s Deadliest Diseases

Tuberculosis, one of the oldest diseases on the planet, remains the leading cause of death from an infectious agent. The reasons...
Paula Akugizibwe
12 min read

Why You Should Be Eating Jellyfish to Save the Oceans

Human disruption of the oceans is killing fish and leaving jellyfish to rule supreme. Could we make amends by adding them...
Martin Etchegaray
13 min read