What Happens When There’s Only 88 Psychiatrists in an Entire Country?

In developing nations like Kenya, where mental health care is practically nonexistent, internet-based organizations save lives.
Greg Noone
6 min read

Returning Sight to Millions of People Around the World With One App

Around 180 million people around the world are blind or have vision impairments–making portable, cheap eye exams incredibly important.
Rachel Nuwer
2 min read
A man stands looking into his smartphone in a dustry unpaved street.

Refugee Camps: Surprising Hotbeds of Innovation

Stories of innovation play a significant role in these camps, just as they do practically anywhere else.
Ken Banks
3 min read

Building BRCK: The Made-in-Africa Wireless Router

It's a "go anywhere, do anything, self-powered, mobile WiFi device."
Ken Banks
4 min read