The Roots of an Epidemic

From apartheid labor policies to everyday sexism, socio-political issues influence the spread of TB disease and the effectiveness of health responses....
Paula Akugizibwe
38 sec read

How Gender Affects the Global Tuberculosis Epidemic

From risk factors to treatment, an illustrated exploration of how the patriarchy shapes TB, the world's leading cause of death from...
Paula Akugizibwe
52 sec read

The Gendered Realities of the Tuberculosis Epidemic

Policies that address the intersections between gender and health are often limited to mitigating the symptoms of sexism, rather than tackling...
Paula Akugizibwe
11 min read

The Future of Birth Control Means Facing Up to Its Sexist Past

The "male pill" is within reach. Why does the burden of contraception still fall on women?
Hannah Harris Green
12 min read