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Astrology Doesn’t Have To Be Real To Make You Happy

If advertisements are designed to make us insecure enough to buy fancy sheets and pricey furniture in order to feel as if we’re the best, then horoscopes help us treat ourselves with self-compassion.
Sulagna Misra
5 min read

Hollywood’s Digital Worlds Head Deeper Into the Uncanny Valley

Cinematic visual effects are currently in a Renaissance moment. But often this impressive technology is deployed not because it is narratively necessary but simply because it is available.
Morgan Leigh Davies
3 min read
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Exploring the Future Beyond Cyberpunk’s Neon and Noir

“Cyberpunk” has been the go-to imagery of the future for 35 years old-it’s time for new ways to think about what’s to come.
Jay Owens
14 min read

Black Mirror, Light Mirror: Teaching Technology Ethics Through Speculation

Where can technology take us that will benefit society and make things better? How can we get to those futures?
Casey Fiesler
7 min read

Ringtones and Playstations: The Tools of Grime’s Low-Fidelity All-Stars

How 21st-century London’s homegrown music genre was shaped by the technology used to compose it.
Dan Hancox
4 min read

Humanizing Data: Highlights from EYEO 2018

A dispatch from the 2018 edition of the conference on technology and culture.
Duncan Geere
2 min read

When Charts Go Weird: The Joy of Xenographics

Xenographics can be fun alternatives to the classic bar, line, and pie chart trio–but they can also be more effective for certain kinds of data.
Duncan Geere
2 min read

Making Scents

What live theater can gain from catering to our olfactory systems.
Jenny Adamthwaite
2 min read

The Future of Theme Parks

Are they about to get personal?
Duncan Geere
2 min read
Some cinema-style popcorn in a red and white striped carton

Ten Stories of Science and Tech Hollywood Should Tell Next

With the stories of Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking both up for Oscars, here’s 10 more historical characters from the fields of science and engineering crying out for the Hollywood treatment.
Alice Bell
4 min read

Turning Discarded Chewing Gum Into Art

For this artist, discarded gum isn’t litter–it’s an opportunity for expression.
Alice Bell
1 min read
A radio mic on an outside table

Giving Everyone the Chance to Be Their Own Radio Station

Taking radio back to its roots as the most widespread form of mass media.
Stephen Abbot Pugh
2 min read